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24 Hour Roadside Assistance

This is a picture of a 24 hour roadside assistance.

Suffering a breakdown while you’re on the road - or coming back to your vehicle after work to find it has a flat tire, or the engine simply won’t start is extremely frustrating.

We can help, whether you’re at home and your car is stuck on the driveway - or you have suffered a blow out or breakdown whilst out driving. Make sure you tell us about the possible causes of the issue you’re experiencing, and also where you are, so we can prioritize your call.

Roadside repairs

There are many smaller issues which can be fixed on the roadside - and we are happy to offer 24 hour roadside assistance to allow you to get right back on with enjoying your day. Wherever you are in the New Braunfels area, if you have a breakdown, give us a call.

Our qualified and experienced team are great at fixing smaller issues. However, not everything can be sorted out at the roadside - for example if a part, or specialist equipment is necessary to complete a repair. If we discover that the problem can’t be fixed at the roadside, we will be able to tow you to a mechanic or to a location of your choice.

Home and office jump starts

One common issue we see is a car which will not get going due to a flat battery. If you’ve come out of work and found your car is dead, we can come to you and lend a hand getting you moving. You’ll know you need a jump start if you simply get no response when you try to start the engine - often this is caused by leaving on lights over night, or a fault in the battery itself.

We can help you check that the battery is the problem, do a quick assessment of the vehicle to ensure there are no other immediate issues to attend to, and also ensure that a jump start can be done safely on your vehicle. We will then get you moving again in no time.

Blowouts and flat tires

Even if you know how to change a tire, there are some situations in which it is not smart to do so. If you’re somewhere dangerous, such as on the roadside on a busy road, for example, chances are that it’s safer to have a professional come and change the tire to get you on your way again. Flat tires can be easily sorted out - but a tire blow out can be dangerous.

Blowouts are caused often by hitting debris or an obstacle in the road, and cause thousands of accidents in the US every year. If this happens to you - stop immediately. Call us for help to replace the tire and also double check that the blowout did not cause any other damage to your car.

Run out of fuel on the road? We can help.

Running out of fuel is inconvenient, and if you happen to be on a busy road it can be dangerous too. It’s a fairly common issue, particularly with rental cars, as unfamiliar drivers don’t know when it’s time to refuel. If you’re out of fuel and feeling stuck, give us a call right away.

Our call handlers will ask you about where you are, so we can find you. If you’re in an unfamiliar area or  have children with you - or feel vulnerable for any other reason, please do tell us. We will do our best to prioritize those callers who need us most urgently.

New Braunfels, TX