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New Braunfels Towing & Recovery

New Braunfels Towing Service should be your number one choice for towing in New Braunfels, TX. Whether you need 24 hr towing, heavy duty towing, winch outs, a rollback service, towing and recovery, or a full wrecker service, we can help.

Customer service is key to us at New Braunfels Towing Service. That’s why we have a growing customer base from all across New Braunfels, TX and beyond. If you would like to learn more about the towing services we offer, you’re in the right place.

About Us

Our team have years of experience between them, and are pleased to offer services including heavy duty towing, emergency towing, winch outs, and a 24 hour roadside assistance service.

Whether your car won’t start, you’ve had an accident and need help to recover your vehicle, or you need help at the roadside after a breakdown, one of our expert technicians can be with you in no time to get you moving again.

If you need towing in New Braunfels, TX or beyond, get in touch today!

Services on offer

As you would expect, the enthusiastic team here at New Braunfels Towing Service offer a full range of towing, winch out and recovery services. The main services we offer are set out here - but do get in touch if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

In most cases we can help, and we are always available to offer advice and ideas on how to solve your problem.

New Braunfels, TX

    This is a picture of a winch out.
    This is a picture of a towing service.
    This is a picture of a heavy duty towing.

    There are many reasons why you might need a towing service. Maybe you’ve had a breakdown or accident, or maybe it’s not an emergency situation, but you have an abandoned or old vehicle on your property which you want to have towed for scrap. Whatever towing service you need here in New Braunfels, we can help.

    For many jobs, our light tow service is enough to get you moving again. However, there are cases, even with small vehicles when we need a medium duty tow truck. For example, if your small car has got stuck off road in a difficult spot, or is in very poor conditions.

    Medium duty towing is used usually for larger vehicles such as trucks and motor homes. You can rest assured that whatever grade of tow equipment you need, we have got you covered!

    This is a picture of a tow truck.
    This is a picture of a towing services.
    This is a picture of a full wrecker.

    If you need a wrecker service, after an accident, or to remove an old, damaged or unwanted vehicle of any size, we can help.

    Just get in touch to learn more about the wrecker service we can offer in the New Braunfels area, and check out the customer reviews here on the website to see what previous clients say about how we work.

    Heavy duty towing is a specialist area, often dealing with the very biggest vehicles on our roads today. If you need a tow truck to deal with a broken down 18 wheeler, a crane or large construction truck, this is probably what you’re looking for.

    However, heavy duty equipment is also used when we have smaller vehicles trapped in difficult positions, or wrecked and off road. Our team are fully qualified to help - whatever your current challenge.

    This is a picture of a tow truck.
    This is a picture of a winch out.
    This is a picture of a roadside assistance.

    Winch outs are usually used if a vehicle has become stranded but not badly damaged, for example by getting stuck in mud or sand, or coming slightly off the road. If we think the vehicle can be safely returned to the road and you can then continue driving it, we will use a winching service.

    We have the equipment to deal with even the largest of vehicles, and the trickiest of circumstances - give us a call if we can help you, today.

    Breakdowns, flat tires, dead batteries - all common but frustrating occurrences. We can help. Whether you come out of the office or store to find your car simply won’t start - or you have an issue while you’re out and about on the roads around our area, we will get to you quickly and do everything we can to get you on your way again.

    We can perform roadside repairs, change out tires, provide fuel to stranded vehicles and jump start a dead battery. Get in touch if you need help with tow truck garland.

    “I highly recommend New Braunfels Towing Service. When I was stuck on the roadside with a flat tire, they were very quick to attend and help me fix it. From the very first person I spoke to, I felt calm and reassured that they would get everything sorted so I could get on with my day.” Ellen, New Braunfels

    “Can’t speak highly enough of the professional team at New Braunfels Towing Service. The guys who came out to tow my car after we were involved in an accident were helpful and efficient, and the price was reasonable too.” Callum, New Braunfels

    “I have had New Braunfels Towing Service working with me to keep my property parking lot clear of abandoned vehicles, and incorrectly parked cars for years, and they have been extremely reliable partners. Highly recommend, if you need commercial towing services.” Ed, New Braunfels

    Contact Us Today

    If you’re looking for auto towing in New Braunfels, TX, you’ve come to the right place! The first thing you need to do is get in touch. If you have an emergency or need urgent assistance please do call us on the number available here on the website.

    However, for convenience you can also email us for non-urgent matters, via our contact page.